Sports injuries have greatly influenced Tom Santi’s career choices. A knee injury drove him from the NFL, and an ankle injury on the softball field changed his outlook on what he wanted to do after graduating from the Darden School. more >
Also in this roundup: national awards for the University’s president emeritus and a prominent scholar of Spanish; a biomedical engineer will lead her professional society; and honors for a nursing graduate student and faculty member. more >
Kyle Kondik of UVA’s Center for Politics appeared on “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” to explain the unusual rules that will go into effect if there is a contested Republican National Convention in July. more >
Emily Riff detoured to Capitol Hill between her undergraduate education and law school, and she says that made a big difference in her approach. more >
The study shows that teachers who receive training in managing their personal stress are more effective and more empathetic with students. more >
Benched by injuries, former student-athlete Michelle Fabiola “Faby” Chaillo of the McIntire School of Commerce has received a full-tuition-and-stipend scholarship named after McIntire graduate J. Schuyler Alland. more >
The Newport News native found a way to indulge both the scientific/logical and creative/artsy sides of her brain, and discovered unexpected links between the two. more >
Photo Essay
UVA is home to the largest collection of English Gothic novels in the world. Its more than 2,500 volumes include some of the rarest Gothic literature in existence and the early works that inspired enduring classics like Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein.” more >