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Dozens of third-year UVA nursing students are waiting for the call to help administer coronavirus vaccines in Albemarle County. 

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The Virginia Film Festival will run from Oct. 27 to 31. Festival organizers also announced Wednesday that a final decision has yet to be made on the presentation format of this year’s festival. 


Without a rule change to avoid the so-called “filibuster” obstacle, the Democrats, and Joe Biden, will have to find the support of at least 10 Republicans if they want to approve their next big projects: police reform and immigration, gun legislation … an almost inconceivable prospect in such a divided Congress. Democrats “will be more and more angry when they see that the Senate kills all their priorities,” predicts Larry Sabato, a political scientist at the University of Virginia.

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UVA says there were 12 new COVID-19 cases reported on Tuesday, all but one of which were among students. There are currently 230 active cases of the virus in the UVA community, including those who live on Grounds. The seven-day average positivity rate has dipped 0.7%.

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Steve Huffman is an American entrepreneur and businessman who achieved a remarkable level of success in the business world before reaching the age of 30. Young entrepreneurs may benefit from learning about Huffman and the choices that he made that gave him an edge on getting ahead in his career. Here are 10 things about the UVA alumnus that you probably didn’t know.

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(Video and photos) UVA Chapel bells rang out Wednesday from 1:50 p.m. to 2 p.m. to commemorate the day the Union Army marched into Charlottesville 156 years ago. Liberation and Freedom Day is the annual commemoration of the freeing of Charlottesville’s enslaved population.

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Dr. Steven Zeichner, a UVA pediatrics professor, said it’s not necessary for all children to be vaccinated for in-person learning to resume safely, as long as school districts are following proper precautions. He said it’s a “reasonable possibility” that students will still need to wear masks and practice social distancing well into next school year.

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For the second straight year, UVA students on the slate to graduate will find very little pomp due to a lot of circumstances as the school has decided to forego traditional final exercises in light of the continuing COVID-19 pandemic. 

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Frequent exposure to minor explosions may increase the risk of brain injury and inflammation among members of law enforcement and the military, results of a recent study led by UVA researchers show.

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Bells tolled Wednesday afternoon at the UVA Chapel commemorating Liberation and Freedom Day, the start of a long path to freedom for enslaved laborers. It was there, on March 3, 1865, when town and University officials surrendered to Union troops making their way south, the first step to emancipation of enslaved laborers. In a virtual panel called “Marching Toward Emancipation: Commemorating the Arrival of Union Troops in Charlottesville,” hosted by the Lifetime Learning program at UVA’s Office of Engagement, historians and researchers reflected on the importance of the historic date.

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While attending UVA, I learned a bit about the oddly shaped metal structure that symbolizes the former home of Catherine “Kitty” Foster. Only now, though, did I realize that Foster, along with 31 other African Americans, was buried in the rolling mounds next to her memorial. Foster’s resting place is one of many overlooked facets of local Black history on the Reparations Fun Run/Walk that’s being held during Liberation and Freedom Days, which celebrates the arrival of Union army troops in Charlottesville, and the emancipation of over 14,000 enslaved people on March 3, 1865.

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With Congress bitterly divided, a 50-50 Senate dramatically impacts the power realities in Washington. Stalemate looms. Still, for Biden, “this is far better than it might have been if Democrats had lost even one of the Georgia Senate seats”, said UVA professor Larry Sabato, referring to two runoff elections that could have left Republicans in control of the Senate.

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The system is long past a crisis. Now, a prominent forensic psychiatrist and a nationally recognized expert in mental health law are calling for a reset. In a paper published in Psychiatric Services, Dr. Steven Hoge and Richard Bonnie are proposing a new commitment pathway that would divert offenders with serious mental illness into treatment. (Bonnie is a UVA professor of law and director of the Institute of Law, Psychiatry, and Public Policy.)

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Dawn Staley quickly covered her mouth in embarrassment. She cursed while telling the story of how she got kicked out of a convenience store when trying to buy lottery tickets. The moment came and went in a blink, a second in almost an hour’s worth of one-on-one conversations with The Athletic spread out over the last month. But it is a succinct way to tell a long story, which is how the head coach of the United States women’s national team and the No. 7 South Carolina Gamecocks [and a UVA alumna] finds herself at the confluence of so many forces in a moment so filled with tension.


“Empty nose syndrome is a paradoxical sense of nasal obstruction,” explains Dr. Spencer C. Payne, associate professor in UVA’s Department of Otolaryngology. “Paradoxical because, by all measures, the nose appears really open, but the person suffering from it feels as though they can’t breathe or that air is not moving through the nose. And because the physics of airflow through the nose is kind of complicated, it’s hard to know if they’re truly experiencing nasal obstruction or if they’re just truly not sensing the flow of air through the nose,” he says.

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Paul Mensah, a Ghanaian resident in the U.S., led a team of Pfizer scientists, engineers, and technicians to develop a vaccine to combat the coronavirus across the world. Mensah, who earned a Ph.D. from UVA, is a chemical engineer and vice president of the Bioprocess Research and Development Group at Pfizer in St. Louis.

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(Commentary) AI researchers at UVA and the University of Washington used a well-known set of labeled images called imSitu to train an image recognition algorithm. Each of the 125,000 images in the set included, among other things, a label for the place (e.g., “kitchen”), an agent (e.g., “man” or “woman”), and an activity (e.g., “cooking”). After training their image-classifier algorithm on a subset of the images, the researchers then applied the algorithm to the rest of the set to see how closely its classification matched the human labels.

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(Video) Dr. Teresa Babineau, associate professor of family medicine, and J. Corey Feist, CEO of the UVA Physician Group, discuss ways to address physician burnout during the pandemic.

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Five years ago, curators began a monumental effort to reconstitute all 30 pieces of “Struggle” and organize a traveling exhibition. While finding Panel 16 last fall was seen as a once-in-a-lifetime event, the discovery of Panel 28 gives curators hope for a total reunion. Now there are just three panels missing. “Finding the second [painting] was against all odds,” said Elizabeth Hutton Turner, a UVA art history professor who co-curated the show at Peabody Essex Museum. “The fact that they were discovered in such quick succession makes me hopeful.

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Although rapidly decreasing COVID-19 case numbers among UVA students led administrators to lift stay-at-home orders for students on and off Grounds last week, the school’s Greek-life leaders are continuing to restrict in-person activities for fraternities and sororities.