If there’s one thing Hoos have in common, it’s curiosity. Hoos have questions. We intend to answer them with UVA Today’s series, “So Hoos Asking?” Topics will be far-ranging, from University policies to daily life on Grounds, from mysteries of the past to what the future holds.

So Hoos asking? Let’s find out!

A statue of James Monroe stood at the foot of the Lawn for nearly two years in the early 1900s. Finding it has proven to be elusive.
Each school and department is a bit different. Most students will arrive having already been pre-enrolled in some courses.
Since a well-publicized December 2022 glitch, 99.7% of payments have been made on time.
The quest for an answer turned up a $5 bar tab that turned into $165,000 in legal fees.
UVA is eager to help admitted students navigate changes to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA.
University leaders say diversity, equity and inclusion programs not only benefit students and the student body as a whole, but also faculty and staff.
A curious and seemingly misplaced sign affixed to a Brooks Hall door has escaped both notice and context, until now.
Occasionally, the public’s business is wisely kept private.