Explore the Miller Center of Public Affairs' Sept. 11 archives, including oral histories from government officials and other leaders.
Glenn Kirwin, killed in the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center, is well-remembered by his family and friends, who have funded a scholarship in his name.
UVA psychiatrist Dr. Greg Saathoff’s professional work tilted toward terrorism-related issues following 9/11, which helped instill in him a deep sense of humility.
Philip Zelikow, White Burkett Miller Professor of History, looks back on the 9/11 Commission report that he guided.
Growing up in post-9/11 America, Maihan Far Alam was called a “terrorist” because of her ethnicity and suffered the deaths of family members during the conflict in Afghanistan.
A UVA nurse interviewed to work in the Medical Intensive Care Unit at the beginning of February 2020, just before COVID hit Virginia. Her story is the third of a five-part series.
Danielle Faul’s father narrowly avoided death while working in the Pentagon. She reflects on how the sacrifices, bravery and loss of 9/11 inspired her service to her country.
Class of 2002 President Portman Wills and two class trustees share the story of how the beloved event came to be.