Even after controlling for factors like political affiliation, researchers found that high individualism offset state lockdown measures by 41%, and reduced COVID-related charitable giving by 48%.
The key finding is that individual actions matter, the researchers said. If enough individuals stay home and take precautions when in the community, it can truly change the infection curve.
Tyler Wilson and his wife, former Hoos basketball star Chelsea Shine Wilson, are enjoying a different type of life with their twin sons in Asia.
As Claire Kaplan stepped down after 29 years, colleagues and students say she left UVA a better-informed and more equitable place when it comes to gender violence education and advocacy.
1995 School of Law alumna Karla Smith, a judge on the Montgomery County Circuit Court in Maryland, was named one of Maryland’s “Top 100 Women” last year.
Third-year engineering student Charlie Osborne and a fellow lifeguard saved a pilot from a sinking plane off of a New Jersey beach last Saturday.
UVA men’s and women’s tennis head coaches Andres Pedroso and Sara O’Leary offer advice on playing the sport, considered to be one of the safer activities you can participate in during the pandemic.
Online care, a curbside pharmacy and parking lot dental services are just a few of the answers Colleen Keller and her team have come up with as the clinic fights to care for uninsured patients during a pandemic.