Understanding the big picture cultivated a new passion for macroeconomics in fourth-year Clement Bohr, driving him to move away from a family tradition of physics and towards a Ph.D. in economics. more >
The annual grants offer graduate students an early opportunity to mentor undergraduates, and give undergraduates an experienced partner to aid in the pursuit of their reserch goals. more >
This year’s award-winning teachers act as intellectual travel guides, enabling students to take important steps on their individual journeys of self-discovery and academic success. more >
Michelle Bonsu is heading for a job as a labor and delivery nurse in Fairfax. She is taking her favorite, stress-busting hobby with her: high-end baking. more >
As an undergraduate student, Daniel Naveed Tavakol has conducted and published biomedical engineering research and taught a course. Now he will continue his investigations in Switzerland as a Whitaker Fellow. more >
The 1828 Collection represents Jefferson’s vision for education at the Law School. Supported by the Jefferson Trust, the books will be made freely available online. more >
Zachary and Alexander Nemtzow have remained close since birth. They will continue their journey together after graduating from UVA’s School of Law as patent attorneys at the same Boston law firm. more >
The University of Virginia is pooling all of its expertise in autism to shift the focus of study away from generic deficits toward focusing on the individual as a whole. more >