Education transformed Daniel Dickey’s life after he became the first in his family to graduate from college. He sought an MBA to help lead change and bring other students the joys he has found.
UVA’s newest Knight-Hennessy Scholars want to bring about change – Jill Ferguson by decarbonizing society and Aditya Narayan by tackling social and medical issues.
Student photographers, smartphones in hand, captured slices of beauty and surprise around UVA.
Emily Spindler and Kelsey Schoenemann’s efforts have helped the University attain a “Bee Campus” designation.
Zavier Richards’ first job will take him back to his New York City base, but he’s got an eye on his parents’ homeland of Guyana.
Fifteen years after graduating from high school, Anne Lassere returned to UVA and wound up honing two of her passions: construction and writing.
Batten master’s student Heeyon Joy Kim, who has been taking classes remotely from Korea during the pandemic, is working to be a voice for vulnerable children.
Gabe Castro-Andrade is headed to the illustrious school after finding himself at UVA and realizing that being authentic and working hard are his recipe for happiness and success.