Student volunteers from Madison House have been instrumental in running a UVA Health program that makes the daily lives of cardiology nurses easier.
In consultation with the Class of 2021, UVA is looking at two choices: holding events in May for students only or postponing Final Exercises to a time when UVA can host families and friends as well.
Two computer science students are working to create a supportive network for women in STEM at the University.
Spencer Buddington was out shopping with friends in Abingdon when they happened upon James Ward as he suffered a heart attack. Buddington jumped into action, administering life-saving CPR.
When a free clinic he volunteered with sent out a plea for telehealth volunteers, Zuhayr Shaikh saw a bigger problem that needed solving. He set out to solve it – and won the support of the Clinton Foundation.
Students in UVA’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies post-baccalaureate, pre-medicine program work in a collaborative cohort to prepare for medical school.
How can courses with community engagement continue when students are not supposed to be out in the community due to the coronavirus? It’s not easy, but not impossible.
Whit Hunter’s startup, BetterWorld, helps nonprofits raise funds digitally. Like Zoom or Grubhub, the company suddenly found itself in the right place at the right time as the pandemic canceled traditional fundraisers.