Since last spring, students have been flocking to 1515 – named for its street address on University Avenue – to study, socialize, or most recently, grab some career advice from the University. more >
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We tagged along as resident adviser Rebecca Lewis welcomed 22 new first-year students to the University, sampling an experience duplicated hundreds of times around Grounds over the past few weeks. more >
In May, newly elected student leaders spoke about what makes UVA a unique experience for each individual student. Find their responses in a new portrait series. more >
First-year students have arrived on Grounds, with parents as helping hands, carrying belongings, excitement and a degree of mixed emotions. UVA greeters offered their Wahoo assistance. more >
Since 2015, UVA’s Cavalier Outdoor Adventure Retreats program has expanded to offer incoming first-year students an enhanced orientation experience, hiking around the Shenandoah Valley. more >
Jacob Uskavitch “has been a leader within and beyond the classroom in terms of his scholarship and his engagement with critical issues at the University,” his thesis adviser Claudrena Harold said. more >
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Explore the University’s new three-story student center now open in the heart of Charlottesville’s Corner. more >
Meet the UVA students who volunteer as firefighters and emergency medical technicians and find out what it’s like to drive the engine, dress wounds and douse fires – all while completing a degree full time. more >