The U.S. government just added a bumblebee species to the endangered species list. UVA environmental scientist T’ai Roulston, who nearly three years ago sighted one of the last specimens of the bee in the east, provides insight. more >
Over spring break, students in UVA’s McIntire School of Commerce visited startups and tech giants – including Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pixar and Airbnb – on both sides of the Atlantic. more >
A group of UVA spacecraft design students soon will build and operate a ground station to communicate with a satellite they also are building. more >
Chemistry professor and 2017 Edlich-Henderson Innovator of the Year Brooks Pate explains why scientific research is both a privilege and a vital civic duty. more >
Hint: UVA environmental sciences professor Stephen Macko has worked with both during a wide-raging academic career that has inspired hundreds of students to pursue careers in science. more >
Neuroscientists have found that healthy neurons receive messages from injured neighbors that can lead to death. If they can block these messages from getting through, they may be able to slow the progress of neurodegenerative diseases. more >
UVA researchers have joined the Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute, which will seek to develop scalable manufacturing processes for engineered tissues and organs. more >
The Board of Visitors, through its Strategic Investment Fund, is financing an initiative to create more energy-efficient materials, devices and systems with new functionality to drive modern life. more >