In the future, most of the physical objects people use in their everyday lives will be connected to the internet and will be able to help us live more comfortably, effectively and efficiently. UVA Engineering’s new Link Lab will develop and deploy them. more >
A $1 million seed grant from the University is kick-starting a program to seek signs of life in the universe beyond our solar system. more >
“It’s like if you wanted to learn to knit – you wouldn’t really know how until you started trying to do it yourself,” one student said of a new UVA Engineering cybersecurity course. more >
Jeff Crandall and his colleagues at UVA’s Center for Applied Biomechanics are working with the NFL to make football safer. (And yes, they have tickets to the game.) more >
A new technology that miniaturizes laboratory processes is being developed for use away from central labs. more >
The internet is part of everyday life, and smartphones have placed the web in people’s hands. New research finds technology is sucking the joy out of old-fashioned, face-to-face conversations. more >
Meet the award-winning UVA scientist who led the construction of a sensitive astronomical observation tool, from first cut of the metal to first light through the lens, in an “unheard-of” 16 months. more >
Twenty-nine researchers are now members of 10 teams seeking answers to a range of brain questions, ranging from the mechanics of concussions to developing new cancer therapies. more >