The program provides seed funding for research involving three UVA faculty members – at least two of whom must be from different academic disciplines.
A new UVA study shows that when people are confronted with an opportunity to change something or solve a problem, they default to thinking about what they can add, missing out on opportunities they may have had by subtracting.
UVA researchers discover why a once-promising approach to treating ovarian, colon and triple-negative breast cancers proved ineffective.
In The Conversation, Dr. Laurie Archbald-Pannone said 2021 needs to be the Year of Preventative Care, especially for older adults.
The findings offer astronomers a greater understanding of the mechanisms responsible for the formation of organic molecules in space, at the dawn of planet formation.
UVA researchers were part of groundbreaking work identifying 400 million genetic variants, of which more than 78% had never been described.
The research, with an average follow up of nearly five years, suggests that stem cell transplants offer long-term benefits for young patients who receive cutting-edge immunotherapy.
The international team, led by a UVA School of Medicine professor, outlined a strategy to facilitate the creation of medications, vaccines and treatments.