The new discovery could rewrite medical textbooks, change how scientists understand two important hormone receptors and lead researchers to reevaluate drug designs.
UVA Biocomplexity Institute researchers are founding partners of a new NSF-funded national research institute that will develop solutions for some of agriculture’s biggest problems.
The UVA findings could allow doctors to augment the immune system’s natural response.
Writing for The Conversation, W. Bernard Carlson, a UVA historian of technology, said it’s easy to forget how heavily the U.S. economy relies on existing gas and oil pipelines.
In total, the scientists identified 78 regions on our chromosomes where genes are located that influence our risk for Type 1 diabetes. Of those, 36 regions were previously unknown.
Writing for The Conversation, Justin Vesser, who led UVA Health’s COVID-19 vaccine efforts, said that vaccine warnings mean the system to report side effects is working.
A UVA nurse scientist and psychology professor are working together to help Huntington’s patients deal with the “emotional roller coaster” the disease can cause.
A new UVA study says teenagers develop empathy over time, but those who feel safe and connected with their families may have a head start.