The research generates opportunities for student involvement and has the potential to provide practical help for people in the greatest need.
The finding could benefit battles against dementia, stroke and other conditions.
Psychology professor Chad Dodson and his team are examining when and why people make high-confidence memory errors when identifying people in lineups.
Experts say that receiving the flu vaccine will be especially important this year, to reduce the burden on hospitals and intensive care units already overwhelmed by COVID-19.
Building on 35 years of research on Virginia’s Eastern Shore and funded by a new $5 million NSF grant, a UVA-led team is partnering with local communities to develop options for managing the impacts of a changing climate.
The researchers say the insights from their work in Tanzania will help focus future efforts in more productive directions.
With data from a pivotal Pfizer-BioNTech study (under review by the FDA) showing robust antibody responses in children ages 5 to 11, UVA Today spoke with expert Dr. William Petri about child vaccinations.