UVA’s Youth-Nex research center is taking the lead in a multi-year effort to wholly reimagine and remake what middle school can be. more >
Technology developed by chemistry professor Brooks Pate is being used by the pharmaceutical industry – and now by local distilleries. more >
Michael Wiener is developing a new, potentially revolutionary approach to mapping the submicroscopic world. more >
As it turns out, not all brain cells are genetically alike, UVA researchers have found. more >
And because the drug has already been evaluated for safety in humans, it may be able to more quickly work its way to use in hospitals around the country. more >
University of Virginia undergraduate Sarah Corning used her Harrison research award to explore the dangers female migrants from Central America face in Mexico as they leave their homes seeking a better life. more >
Dubbed “the most insightful clinical investigator of allergic diseases of his generation,” Dr. Thomas Platts-Mills famously discovered a red meat allergy associated with lone star ticks, and linked dust mite allergens to asthma. He’s not done yet. more
The discovery may also allow the use of a simple blood test to detect people at elevated risk for developing the condition. more >