For two years, Dr. James H. Harrison Jr. and his team studied the current state and future use of artificial intelligence in pathology. Their article describes amazing possibilities and offers a roadmap for realizing this bright future.
One project will study how nature-based activities can boost seniors’ mental and physical health, especially after the isolation of the pandemic; another will improve access to Medicaid for non-citizen children.
Two University of Virginia astronomers are leading two of the first research projects selected by NASA for the James Webb Space Telescope, scheduled for launch this fall.
Weber, who researched cancer cell signaling and directed the UVA Cancer Center, died Feb. 11 of pancreatic cancer.
It’s March, which means it’s time for STAT Madness – the tournament for the year’s biggest biomedical innovation. For the third consecutive year, a UVA discovery is among the contenders.
Can people who have been vaccinated spread the COVID-19 virus? Is it safe to visit vaccinated relatives? What precautions should we take? Dr. Eric Houpt has some answers.
How do we account for what students have lost academically during a year of pandemic schooling? Early data has begun to shed light on where student learning stands – and how to move forward.
More than a month after making national headlines for possessing “super antibodies” that make contracting COVID-19 impossible, alumnus John Hollis is still shaking his head.