As winter months approach, kinesiology Ph.D. student Alexandra DeJong gives best practices for those who want to begin a running program, or resume running, amid the pandemic.
The discovery may help explain cases of sudden infant death syndrome.
Naomi Cahn, the new head of UVA’s Family Law Center, sifts through data from sources as diverse as a dating website and the New York Times to reveal social patterns.
To learn more about the rarely seen green salamander, Wally Smith and his students have scaled cliff faces and explored tree canopies, discovering more than 90 previously unknown populations.
The President & Provost’s Fund for Institutionally Related Research and 3Cavaliers offer crucial start-up funding to researchers across the University.
Scientists found that excessive calcium contributes to inflammation that may worsen the effects of ischemic stroke.
UVA researchers have identified a gene responsible for the metastasis of “triple-negative” breast cancer and a new approach to prevent or delay the cancer’s spread.
With more than 300,000 deaths projected by the end of the year, Weldon Cooper Center researcher Shonel Sen expects COVID-19 to become the third-most-common cause of death in the U.S.