Hint: getting enough exercise and enough sleep is still the best way to counter the negative health effects of a sedentary lifestyle.
The finding provides hope that pollinating species may be able to rapidly adapt to environmental change and continue their essential role in helping crops to proliferate.
Eighty percent of patients in the free, 15-month program have quit smoking completely, far outstripping the typical success rate of 35-55% for smoking cessation programs.
Researcher Hamilton Lombard says the boundaries between public and private life will not return to past norms once the pandemic ends.
An infectious diseases specialist discusses vaccine development in the midst of this pandemic.
Targeting the essential process could offer a new way to treat cancer.
UVA researchers have discovered that concussions and traumatic brain injuries, even when mild, cause swelling that blocks the brain’s ability to clean itself of harmful toxins and debris, increasing risk for long-term problems.
The detectors can relay a fire warning in real time across thousands of square miles.