Chaitenya Razdan’s company, Care+Wear, has already redesigned the hospital gown. Now, he’s working with Oscar de la Renta to help cancer patients feel more comfortable. more >
UVA researcher Mete Civelek and colleagues have identified a natural gene variation that significantly increases some women’s risk – but not all women, and very few men. more >
Alex Hickman did improv comedy with Second City. John Hickman toured with “Jersey Boys.” Somehow, they landed at UVA, and with a baby in tow, are preparing for what comes next. more >
Backed by UVA’s Global Health University Scholars program, the students are investigating the factors that affect human health, around the globe and closer to home. more >
For the 12th year, UVA’s biomedical research directed toward improving children’s health is top-ranked. more >
Researchers have determined how a gene variation increases the odds of having blood pressure that is sensitive to salt. Doctors may target the defect to prevent health problems such as high blood pressure and heart attacks. more >
The researchers have proven that they can establish immune cells called macrophages in the brain without radiation, which many scientists had believed to be impossible. more >
Biochemistry researcher Sanchita Bhatnagar received a $300,000 Hartwell Individual Biomedical Research Award for her promising work on an array of brain disorders that impact girls. more >