A literature review from UVA faculty reveals that female athletes are actually more likely to experience sports-related concussions, but doctors should treat each case individually. more >
Only about 4 percent of American doctors are included in the annual listing. more >
UVA’s Christopher Ruhm found that changes in the drug supply are playing a much larger role in an ongoing opioid epidemic that has been framed as an economic problem. more >
Though he doesn’t see it happening anytime soon, Dr. Mahmoud Hariri – who continued to tend to his patients amid collapsing buildings – says he remains hopeful Syrians will one day live in peace. more >
UVA has discovered an unknown biological process that controls the production of red blood cells. These vital cells carry oxygen throughout the body. The discovery could help doctors develop new treatments for anemias that affect millions of people. more >
UVA’s Dr. Karen Ballen was the co-investigator of a study that found stem-cell transplantation was a far more effective treatment for scleroderma than the most commonly prescribed drug treatment. more >
ONOS – the Obstetric and Neonatal Outcomes Study cohort, a repository of serum, umbilical cord blood, stool and placental tissue samples from local pregnant women – will provide an invaluable jumping-off point for researchers. more >
Alumnus Chaitenya Razdan and his company are on a mission to improve the notoriously undignified hospital gown. Their new privacy-preserving gown is already being tested in hospitals and was featured in The New York Times. more >