A new website compiling the opinions, publications and speeches of Judge Neil Gorsuch’s career on the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals is launching just in time for hearings on President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee. more >
Jason Bordainick’s first startup, founded at UVA, is now a national company. His new project, Hudson Valley Property Group, hopes to transform how affordable housing units are financed and renovated. more >
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The former UVA football star talked with students in Peter Debaere’s “Global Economics of Water” course about his nonprofit, Waterboys, and his commitment to bringing clean drinking water to rural communities in East Africa. more >
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On Wednesday, the Center for Politics will kick off its yearlong “JFK100” celebration with an exhibit featuring nearly 80 unreleased photos of President John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. more >
According to research by Darden School of Business professor Robert F. Bruner, most presidents since World War II have been decidedly optimistic, often more so than the culture or media of their time. more >