Media studies professor Siva Vaidhyanathan weighs in on what Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen had to say during “60 Minutes” on Sunday.
Middleditch, who mostly eschewed plaudits, co-founded UVA’s Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership and led a campaign to implement nonpartisan redistricting in Virginia, among many endeavors.
Virginia’s Transportation Project Management Institute is one way UVA and the state’s Department of Transportation partner to improve road infrastructure to keep Virginians safely on the move.
Writing for The Conversation, a visiting Darden professor and expert in the entertainment industry says streaming services and the pandemic are provoking new business models.
UVA’s Center for Politics partnered with Project Home Fire to study the deep divides within the American electorate. Their findings will be published in Sabato’s Crystal Ball in the coming weeks.
Woteki, a professor in UVA’s Biocomplexity Institute, will serve on the council with the nation’s leading scientists who directly advise the president.
UVA’s Melody Barnes and Bill Antholis discuss the upcoming Democracy Biennial, which takes a deep dive into capitalism, reform, equity and the future of the American Dream.
Kyle Kondik, managing editor of Sabato’s Crystal Ball, breaks down one of the most fraught topics in American politics.