1995 School of Law alumna Karla Smith, a judge on the Montgomery County Circuit Court in Maryland, was named one of Maryland’s “Top 100 Women” last year.
Online care, a curbside pharmacy and parking lot dental services are just a few of the answers Colleen Keller and her team have come up with as the clinic fights to care for uninsured patients during a pandemic.
David Scharfman has been working in his family’s Wisconsin-based cheese business since childhood. His latest product – already on shelves at chains like Wegmans – sparked a feeding frenzy on ABC’s “Shark Tank” show.
David Smith is a member of the Bankruptcy and COVID-19 Working Group recommending that Congress add more bankruptcy judges to brace for pandemic-related bankruptcy filings.
Anne M. Coughlin, Lewis F. Powell Jr. Professor of Law and an expert on gender and the law, shares her analyses of Monday’s ruling, how it came down and what it means for the future.
Groceries have seen Christmas-like sales and online sales boomed while airlines lost nearly 100% of spending some weeks. Alum Kevin Carson, whose company helps government agencies, academics and the New York Times track consumer spending, offers insights.
Students in the “Promotions” course won this year’s National Student Advertising Competition after creating a campaign for Adobe. UVA has won the national competition four times, more than any other school.
Larry Terry brings successful experience in criminal justice reform to the table, but stresses that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to the issues we face in 2020.