The University has acquired an archive of prolific editorial cartoonist Patrick Oliphant’s work that illustrates the history of an art form – and an era. more >
Luke Williams scoured archival vaults on Grounds, did community work in a San Francisco jail and danced in New York City for his thesis on links between politics and dance. He will continue the work next year as a Ph.D. student at Stanford. more >
The Corner is not a typical final exam setting, but A.D. Carson’s “Composing Mixtapes” course is not a typical course. Carson challenged 14 students to write, record and produce an entire mixtape. more >
Graduating student Micah Watson has already earned one national award for playwriting. Her professors doubt it will be her last. more >
Kaufman, whose work has won Tony and Emmy awards, will give a public talk and meet with students in UVA’s Drama Department. more >
With a recent National Endowment for the Humanities grant, English professor John O’Brien and Christine Ruotolo, the University Library’s director of arts and humanities, will expand a website that teachers and students can count on for providing authoritative texts. more >
Photo Essay
This 2017 UVA graduate is a chemist by day and an artist by night. Just about a year into this double act, she is debuting her first solo art show, part of this week’s Tom Tom Founders Festival in Charlottesville. more >
Is digital life enabling humans to extend their capabilities and potentials? Or is it somehow diminishing our humanity? UVA’s interdisciplinary journal examines “The Human and the Digital.” more >