Professor Simone Polillo explores the uneasy relationship humans have with money, markets and morality through his professional lens of “the sociology of money.”
Malo André Hutson, the new dean of the School of Architecture, says climate change is pressing architects to rebuild communities, like one in Chile, in a more resilient, equitable and sustainable way.
Corin Fox, an assistant professor of philosophy, was shocked when, as a college student, his professor used a ‘bad’ word in class. The moment has stuck with him and informed his teaching today.
McIntire Dean Nicole Thorne Jenkins writes, “When everything we know is upended, commerce continues. I believe it has the potential to be a very stabilizing force that can move a society, and a democracy, forward.”
Alex Hernandez, dean of the School of Continuing and Professional Studies, writes that the digital world actually requires us to be more human, making a liberal arts education more important than ever.
Ahead of Election Day, Ian Solomon, dean of UVA’s Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy, writes about how leadership can heal during times of political division.
UVA English professor Susan Fraiman, an expert in feminism, explored the word “home,” and its context amid the coronavirus pandemic.
UVA mental health expert and psychology professor Bethany Teachman explains why moderate amounts of anxiety in the age of COVID-19 are actually healthy and should be embraced.