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The SolarWinds and Microsoft Exchange intrusions came as schools, local governments, and businesses have faced cyberattacks of their own. “All these things are really putting a lot of pressure on [nations] to better secure their systems,” says Kristen Eichensehr, who directs the National Security Law Center at the UVA School of Law. She says there is also pressure on the “international legal system to respond to this felt impulse that these things are wrong, and that they should be dealt with as illegal.”

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Virginia swimming and diving head coach Todd DeSorbo, fresh off having guided the UVA women’s team to its first national title, has signed a five-year contract extension through the 2026-27 season.

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The Brazil variant joins others originating in the United Kingdom, California and South Africa already confirmed in Virginia. Researchers at the University of Virginia believe the U.K. variant, the one that’s been most-studied, has become dominant in the commonwealth, meaning a majority of new infections happening are because of it. “Viruses change all the time, and VDH expects to see new variants of the SARS-CoV-2 virus as disease spreads,” officials wrote in Friday’s release.


Large donors also showed signs of favoring Republicans who voted to accept Biden’s victory, who on average took in about $150,000 from individuals giving more than $200. Republicans who voted to overturn Biden’s win on average raised about $100,000 from large donors. The gap could also suggest that House Republicans who voted to certify the 2020 election have a greater impetus to raise campaign donations because they are in more competitive districts or anticipate primary challenges.

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J&J’s reputation held up pretty well through its many years of bad publicity over everything from baby powder lawsuits to federal investigations and big settlements over its marketing of opioids and anti-psychotic drug Risperdal. Johnson & Johnson did fall from No. 13 on Fortune’s list of Most Admired Companies in 2017 to No. 26 in 2020. But the vaccine appeared to help it rebound to No. 15 on the 2021 list.

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There has been a recent jump in health care workers providing home services for Medicare patients, but researchers at UVA Health say it is nowhere close to meeting the surging demand. Dr. Aaron Yao and Dr. Justin Mutter say with our country’s aging population, a significant number of people need to receive medical care at home now. Unfortunately, many of these patients go unseen because there aren’t enough staff or resources to meet the demand.

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In a new Yale-led study, researchers find that autism may develop in different regions of the brain in girls than boys and that girls with autism have a larger number of genetic mutations than boys, suggesting that they require a larger “genetic hit” to develop the disorder. Other members of the research team included Dr. Kevin Pelphrey, from UVA’s Brain Institute.

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On March 1, the state of Virginia decriminalized jaywalking and reclassified it as a secondary offense — meaning people won’t be ticketed unless they’re violating another law. The change also reduces unnecessary interaction with the police. “As long as jaywalking was a primary offense, it was going to be a big source of harassment,” Peter Norton, associate professor of history in the University of Virginia’s Department of Engineering and Society, said.

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A Friday update from UVA’s Biocomplexity Institute, which tracks COVID-19 trends, projected a summer peak by the Fourth of July weekend if precautions such as social distancing and wearing masks aren’t taken.

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Dr. Taison Bell, an assistant professor of medicine in UVA’s Division of Infectious Diseases, said it’s proof that problems with the vaccine are extremely rare. “Your risk of dying from COVID-19 is higher than your risk of having an adverse reaction to the vaccine,” Bell said. “Some of the things that we do in the regular course of living, like getting in a car and crossing the street, are things that are going to represent higher risk.”

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Highlights from 10 years of Vinegar Hill Newsletter/Magazine include Vinegar Hill being approached by the Special Collections Department at the University of Virginia in 2015 to have the issues archived as permanent historical records.

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CBD oil used to curb seizures in a 2-year-old with epilepsy may be linked to the boy developing signs of a very early puberty, a British case study reports. An outside expert who reviewed the case study cautioned that the murky circumstances surrounding the case make it hard to draw firm conclusions. “This boy undoubtedly had central precocious puberty by clinical and laboratory findings,” said Dr. Alan Rogol, a UVA professor emeritus of pediatrics and endocrinology.

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The Falls Church City Council has set in stone its commitment to public art in the Little City. City council members voted unanimously April 12 to amend Falls Church’s comprehensive plan by adding a section supporting public art and establishing a public arts district. Now, staff will turn their attention to hammering out the details needed to carry out this committment. The vote culminates about a year of work that involved various city groups that reviewed the policy and consultants from the University of Virginia who helped craft it, city planner Emily Bazemore said.

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UVA researchers predict another surge in COVID-19 cases will strike Charlottesville and the surrounding health district at the end of April and continue through May. The main driver is the arrival of the new U.K. variant of the virus that is far more contagious than the original strain. 

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“When it comes to vaccines in particular, the bar for safety is very high because they’re giving it to presumably healthy people,” says Dr. Taison Bell, a critical care and infectious diseases physician and an assistant professor at the University of Virginia.


(Commentary) New UVA research suggests that people often overlook the option of getting rid of elements in favor of adding new ones, even when the simpler solution is superior. Behavioral scientists are making the case that a “subtractive” approach could be useful in tackling global problems like the climate crisis.

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On Friday, UVA Health finalized an agreement to acquire a stand-alone outpatient surgery center. UVA Health is taking over the Monticello Community Surgery Center, which is located next to the UVA Primary Care Riverside along Route 29.

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UVA has not said whether it will mandate the shot, but other universities have. Attorney David Thomas of MichieHamlett says he believes it can be allowed.

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(Commentary by Mark Edmundson, professor of English) Walt Whitman did all he could to advance the fortunes of his own book, “Leaves of Grass.” He reviewed it himself, not once but three times.

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Matthew McLendon, the director and chief curator of the Fralin Museum of Art at the University of Virginia, offered his thoughts on the new Netflix limited series “This is a Robbery: The World’s Greatest Art Heist.”