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Matt Kelly

September 18, 2006
Sept. 18, 2006 -- The University of Virginia announced today that Boyd Tinsley, acclaimed violinist of the Dave Matthews Band and alumnus of the University, has accepted an invitation from the U.Va.’s fourth-year class to be the keynote speaker at Valedictory Exercises on May 19, 2007. 
September 01, 2006
Sept. 1, 2006 -- Arborists will remove a dead Paulownia tree near Washington Hall on the University of Virginia Grounds on Sept. 6, at approximately 7:30 a.m.
August 31, 2006
Janet Herman runs because she likes the results, both immediate and long-term. “After I run I feel mentally calmer and physically energized. It’s a good time to think,” said Herman, an environmental sciences professor who also credits running for her determination
August 28, 2006
August 28, 2006 — History was sitting in the room — in the woman whose basement became an office for lawyers working on integration, in the man who raised bail money for jailed demonstrators.
June 23, 2006
June 23, 2006 — Through the pioneering College Guide Program, University of Virginia graduates have been instrumental in increasing the number of Virginia students applying to and attending colleges across the state.
May 17, 2006
May 17, 2006 — Undergraduate researchers at the University of Virginia are working to improve the health of your body, spirit and computer.
May 16, 2006
May 16, 2006 —Phil Jackson didn’t find what he wanted at U.Va., so he created it.
May 16, 2006
May 16, 2006 — Catherine S. Neale had planned on working for an executive search firm in New York City after graduation. Instead, she will spend a year in New Orleans doing relief work.
May 16, 2006
May 16, 2006 — University of Virginia students are getting recruited earlier, with some starting their fourth year of college with jobs already in their pockets.
May 10, 2006
May 10, 2006 — The University of Virginia Division of Recoverable and Disposable Resources is conducting its seventh annual “Chuck It for Charity” recycling drive, collecting clothes, lamps, fans, small furniture, rugs and other items that students discard when exiting their dormitories.