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Anne E. Bromley

April 26, 2006
April 26, 2006 — Curry School of Education student Katherine “Katey” Shirey came up with a unique way to illustrate the concept of harmonic motion: the graduate student, who has undergraduate degrees from the University of Virginia in art as well as physics, built a large structure of laminated, cur
April 20, 2006
April 20, 2006 — Cheryl Burgan Evans, a dedicated advocate for graduate student research, especially among students of color, will join the University of Virginia's Office of the Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies as its new director of Graduate Student Diversity Programs.
April 10, 2006
April 10, 2006 — Researchers have generally believed that teachers are better than parents at evaluating the behavior of school children, because teachers have a bigger group of children for comparison.
March 16, 2006
March 16, 2006 --For the 12th consecutive year, the University of Virginia has posted the highest graduation rate for African-American students among major public institutions, according to an annual survey published this week by the Journal of Blacks in Higher Education.
March 16, 2006
Sarah Gatsos, a fourth-year student from McLean, Va., spoke with a selection of African-American students about their experiences at the University of Virginia. Her stories are below:
March 02, 2006
March 2, 2006 — University of Virginia English professor Rita Dove has won the 2006 Common Wealth Award for Literature. She is one of five individuals honored with Common Wealth Awards of Distinguished Service, the PNC Bank of Delaware announced today (Mar. 2).
February 20, 2006
February 20, 2006 — A middle-aged woman makes plans over the telephone to get together with a friend, even though she cannot talk after suffering a stroke. She is able to communicate using a hand-held device that speaks for her.
February 17, 2006
February 17, 2006 — Gregory S. Orr, a professor of creative writing at the University of Virginia, l read a personal essay on National Public Radio’s “All Things Considered” on Monday, Feb. 20, 2006.
February 14, 2006
February 14, 2006 — With at least half of all marriages ending in divorce, there must be something better than chocolate to bring lasting happiness to couples.
February 10, 2006
February 10, 2006 — Behind the impressive U.S. men’s alpine ski team competing in the Winter Olympics is the man who helps them reach and stay in top champion condition — their athletic trainer, U.Va. alumnus Paul Meier.