Undergraduates explore the causes of glaucoma, potential new fuels and mental health therapies for cancer survivors through the Harrison Undergraduate Research Awards.
Population growth in Northern Virginia has decreased dramatically within the last year, according to Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service researcher Hamilton Lombard.
Their dedicated efforts have led to the formation of new groups and programs in their respective schools to make lasting change – from the Grounds to Southwest Virginia.
Seventeen alumni were offered Fulbright awards in 2020, but the coronavirus delayed their overseas travel.
Nursing professor Jeanne Alhusen earned a $1.9 million National Institutes of Health grant to study American women with disabilities who face a lack of access to quality reproductive and family planning care.
In high school, Alexis Allen experienced education inequity firsthand. At UVA, she turned her frustration into action.
After a stint in the Peace Corps, Sandra Adounvo will use a Payne Fellowship to further pursue her dream of promoting international public health.
“Modest but steady” growth in the field has been mostly provided by nurse practitioners.